The state of front end development

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Have you read Every JavaScript framework tutorial written more than 5 minutes ago ? You really should if you have anything to do with today’s Javascript development. Some way from ‘blink’ and ‘marquee’ HTML tags. And DHTML! Remember that? HTML that’s dynamic. Whatever next.

So the world has landed on React, VueJS and Angular 2 for front end development. Along with an ever-changing bestiary of tools that pretty much require a Docker image to run inside. Welcome to the world’s biggest build tool an entire operating system stack dedicated to dependency management, transpiling, munging, concatenating and otherwise mutating your source code into… well, into more source code actually.

The best way to keep up with what’s happening in this world is to build stuff. So I’ve started to throw together a tool to help browse the AWS product catalogue/price catalogue. (It’s the time of the year to make reservations for AWS kit!) I proudly present the first pre-release version of Cloud Price Explorer.

It’s incomplete now but I need it to work, so it’ll get better.

And apart from it being useful (well, I mean it will be useful one day), I built it to learn a React stack. (Vue is nicer but there are fewer shiny third-party things to use in its ecosystem. Angular is, well, too enterprisey for this project!)

So this is React Boilerplate which gives you a production-ready setup that runs happily in a simple node docker container, and includes all the cool stuff (redux, reselect, redux-saga, etc) along with example implementations to steal from. Ahem. To learn from. It also has a complete test setup using jest and enzyme, and a webpack config that just works out of the box for development, test and production builds. Very nice and very simple to get working.

The only speedbump so far was the need to manually npm install -g lodash cross-env in my Docker container for setup to work. See the github issue for more discussion.

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