Notable AWS Announcements 2017/10/06

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The AWS “new features” email continues to grow longer and longer with the passing weeks! Here are some recent announcements that caught my eye.


Amazon noticed the success of Slack and the interest in Skype: online collaboration is the next battleground for integration technologies as these products are pressed into service as a human-oriented “Enterprise Service Bus”. Not to mention that the clunky old-school VOIP solutions are hopelessly outclassed by these ad-hoc solutions that expose APIs for app developers to hook into.

Chime is clearly receiving some attention within AWS as it matures nicely, see Amazon Chime Now Allows You to Log Console Actions Using AWS CloudTrail and Amazon Chime Now Supports Quick Actions on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch .

Cloudfront TLS Policies

Recent security breaches and the continuing exploitation of SSL weaknesses puts the spotlight on the aging protocols that terminate our “secure” web infrastructures. AWS does a great job of keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in SSL/TLS protocol suites at the Load Balancer layer. With Amazon CloudFront now lets you select a security policy with minimum TLS v1.1, v1.2, and security ciphers for viewer connections! we have some welcome parity at the Cloudfront layer.

Network Load Balancer on Elastic Beanstalk

And then there were three varieties of Elastic Load Balancer on the AWS platform! The original (and now pretty much deprecated) Classic Load Balancer has been joined by the Layer 7 focussed Application Load Balancer for flexible routing, and the Layer 4 focussed Network Load Balancer for high-performance network balancing.

Now all three can be deployed using Elastic Beanstalk as described in the recent announcement.

AWS does Container Deployment Automation

I talked about some adventures in the land of[Docker]( few weeks ago, in[Docker is an Immature Technology on AWS...… Continue reading

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